Jan 312018
  1. Set the ignition key to MAR.
  2. Connect the Examiner diagnostics tool .
  3. Using Examiner check that the battery voltage is higher than 11V; if the voltage is lower, check the battery.
  4. Use Examiner to see the status of the pump relay output (ON/OFF).
  5. Make gear shifts until the pump activates.
  6. Stop the gear shift requests and check how long the electric pump remains on (listening to the electric pump and at the same time watching Examiner to see when the pump relay status changes from ON to OFF).
  7. If the status of the “pump relay output” parameter is ON, but the electric pump activation is not heard, check the electric power supply line of the electric pump (relay, fuse……)
  8. If at environment temperature (15-20 °C) the battery voltage is greater than 11V and the “Pump relay ON” is between 4 and 14 seconds, the electric pump operates correctly .
  9. If the checks have positive results , pass on to the next step of the diagnostics table.

NOTE: Repeat the test several times to make sure.


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