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Before moving the gear control lever the ratio of the gear engaged (N-1-2-3-4-5-R) must be checked on the display. With the vehicle stationary and the brake pedal pressed, gear change requests are accepted and effected “only” from the control lever on the tunnel.

To request a gear change, besides pressing the brake pedal, it is necessary:

  • To increase the gear (+) push the lever forward (if the car is in first gear it passes to second, if it is in second gear it passes to third and so forth, up to fifth gear).
If the system is idling (N) or in reverse gear (R) pushing the lever forward engages the first gear.
  • To decrease the gear (-) push the lever back (if the car is in fifth gear it passes to fourth, if it is in fourth it passes to third and so forth down to first gear).
Engagement control lever (+), (-)

Engagement control lever (+), (-)

To set the gear to idling (N) with the vehicle stationary and the brake pedal pressed, move the gear control lever to the right.

Control lever (in "idle" position)

Control lever (in “idle” position)

From any gear, (N-1-2-3-4-5-R) with the vehicle practically still, the reverse gear can be engaged by pushing the lever to the right and then backward. If the vehicle is moving, the request is not accepted. Wait for the vehicle to stop then engage the reverse gear again.

Control lever (engaging the reverse gear)

Control lever (engaging the reverse gear)

After the gear has been changed, release the control lever immediately.
A prolonged manoeuvre (more than 6 s) causes the gearbox fault warning light to switch on , the sounding of the buzzer and the automatic change-over to “City” mode. All this disappears when the gear lever is released.
If the car is to be left on a sloping road and you want to engage a gear to keep it braked, it is most important to check on the display the indication of the new gear engaged, then wait 1 or 2 seconds before releasing the brake pedal to allow the clutch to engage completely. If the car is in idle gear, the driver will hear the buzzer sound.

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