Nov 212013

When the door on the driver’s side is opened, Selespeed starts the hydraulic electric pump to have the system ready for the engine ignition. This function can be perceived by the electric pump rotating for a few seconds. When the engine ignition key is turned to “MAR”, all the gear display segments light up. After about one second, the display indicates the gear engaged in the gearbox (N-1-2-3-4-5-R) and the gearbox fault warning light switches off, indicating that the hydraulic system is running and as from this moment the Selespeed system accepts gear change commands.

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  2 Responses to “System Activation”

  1. What could be happening when the pump doesn´t start when the door is opened but instead of that, when the car is off and locked the pump functions by two seconds every 5 minutes? This is causing me to find the battery dead after some days of no using the car.

  2. What can be happening when the selespeed pump starts and stops every 5 minutes to charge the system even when the car is off, parked and locked? This is draining the battery of the car and if I leave my car parked for a few days, the battery will be dead.
    When the car is running the gearbox operates perfectly, Is like if the selespeed doesn´t understand that the car is OFF!